Westbrook, ME

Westbrook, ME

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The city of Westbrook, ME has a motto, “Small City, Big Future.” It is located in the economic heart of Southern Maine. It is conveniently located near Portland, and is home to the world class business IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. The growth of business in the city is complimented by the natural outdoor recreational activates. The city is based around the Presumpscot River which provides a beautiful backdrop to downtown as well as endless recreation activities. The city of Westbrook, ME is an idyllic area to visit or live, and the team at Lowry Legal is proud to serve the people of the city

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Disability & Personal Injury Lawyer 

Lowry Legal’s professional legal team will help you navigate social security law so that you get all the benefits owed to you. We are here to help you get through the complex process, and handle your case with care. Contact us today!
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